Digital Audio   - Music is the driving force behind any system we create. We embrace new digital audio formats for what they offer, but we are not content with mediocre audio.  Digital audio has the ability to be spectacular but most systems are not optimized for ideal performance.  We take advantage of the latest in technology to bring studio quality performance to any listening environment.  Our systems are designed for clarity and realism.  We utilize components that are used to create the soundtracks that we enjoy, as the artists intended them to be heard.
Analog Audio - There has never been a better time to enjoy the record album.  The vinyl resurgence is more than nostalgia.  It is a great way to enjoy music.  We have the ability to get the most from an analog system with the latest in selected components and the technical skill and tools to set up a turntable ideally.

Outdoor AV -  The AV solutions we utilize have bought high performance audio and video to the outside.  Outdoor speaker systems have been upgraded to allow for much more than background music and can be integrated into the landscape.  Weather proof outdoor televisions, projection video screens and much more can be added to enhance the outdoor living space.

  With entertainment changing everyday, our systems have a higher investment in mature technology.  We  design our projects with the flexibility of adding a new device or technology easily.  We are horrified to see installed  systems with as much of the budget for the control system as the actual products that make the sound and video.  Adding a new device should be an easy addition to an existing system.  The cost or effort of reprogramming a system should not be so prohibitive that new technologies cannot be easily justified.  Today’s world is about simplicity and ease of use.  We want performance that can be easily adapted to emerging technologies.